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  Questions to ask yourself when considering a photographer. 
Here are some things to ask yourself when evaluating photographers for your wedding or special event:
* How much experience does the shooter have?
* Is the shooter well rounded? In other words can this photographer take great pictures under pressure and handle the dynamics of a sometimes hectic wedding day environment?
* Does this photographer take great pictures and use Photoshop to speed up processes? Or does this photographer use Photoshop as a crutch, to doctor up mediocre photos.
* What is the ratio of shots taken to usable photos? We average over 95%. So in other words we are not going to kill your time with thousands of shots, just to get a few good ones. Our approach is surgical and our relationship with our camera is intimate. There is no fumbling over settings to capture a fleeting moment.
We will work with most budgets and work hard to create a custom collection for every couple. No two couples are the same, so why would we have three options and expect everyone to conform?  We only carry the highest quality albums, and I personally build and assemble all of my own frames by hand.
Call today for your complimentary consultation, I would love to hear about your big day. 
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